He is a multi iconic personality, life style-psychosomatic coach, Academician, Researcher, Quality assurance expert, policy maker in health and Renowned consultant of homoeopathy.                        

Summary of Qualifications   Academic qualifications from India

1)Bachelor of science (biology)    

 2)Bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery                      

 3)Doctor of medicine 

 4)Master of social work       

5)Master of business administration                       

6)Post graduation diploma in hospital and health management              

7)Post graduation in computer application            

8)Diploma in hiv /aids and family education           

  International qualifications in medical and health sciences       

1)Professional diploma in pharmacology                    

2)Professional diploma in gross anatomy                

 3)Professional diploma in physiology                            

 4)Professional diploma in cell biology                         

 5)Professional diploma in histology                             

6)Professional diploma in pathology                          

7)Professional diploma in embryology                    

 8)Professional diploma in behavioral science          

 9)Professional diploma in molecular biology and genetics    

 10)Professional diploma in biochemistry                      

International qualifications in quality parameters and standards                               

 1)Professional certificate in human resources management                          

2)Professional certificate in ISO 14001:2015 environment management systems      

3)Professional certificate in ISO IEC 27001:2013 information technology      

4)Professional certificate in ISO 9001:2015                   

5)Professional certificate in ISO 45001 occupational, health and safety                                      

6)Professional certificate in ISO 1001:2018 quality mgt                                          

7)Professional certificate in ISO 9001:2018                   

8)Professional certificate in ISO 2200:2018 food safety mgt                                  

9)Professional certificate in Lean six sigma                   

10)Professional certificate in in EMC measurement techniques IEC 61000-4-8                                      

International certificates in life sciences                      

1)Professional certificate in sign language                     

2)Professional certificate in energy, enzymes and metabolism                           

3)Professional certificate in analytical techiques of biotechnology                         

4)Professional certificate in thacylglycerol metabolism                                

5)Professional certificate in entrepreneurship development                          

6)Professional certificate in chemistry of carbohydrates                         

7)Professional certificate in Novel corona virus            

8)Professional certificate in gene expression, transcription, translation      

9)Professional certificate in amino acids and proteins                                   

10)Professional certificate in DNA                 

11)Professional certificate in RNA                

12)Professional certificate in protein            

13)Professional certificate in protein structure and function         

14)Professional certificate in lipid metabolism                            

15)Professional certificate in bilogical membrane                             

16)Professional certificate in lipid, steroid and bile                                    

17)Professional certificate in gene mutations, repair mechanisms of the human cell                             

18)Professional certificate in biochemistry                         

19)Professional certificate in clinical nutrition and diet                     

20) Professional certificate in   covid mgt                     

 International certificates in Health sciences                

1)Certificate of excellence, biomecial research and data mgt by Harvard University, USA                 

 2) Certificate in mental health, Colorado University, USA                        

3)Certificate in therapeutic nutrition, Brazil                                        

4)Certificate of basics of anatomy, Brazil                       

5)Certificate of basics of physiology, Brazil                    

6)Certificate of basics of psychology, Brazil                

7)Certificate in intermittent fasting by carrier development college, London                        

8)Certificate of corona virus covid -19 by St. George University, UK                 

9)Certificate in covid -19 with diabetes mellitus, Harvard University                 

10)Certificate in  covid -19 in children with covid therapeutics by Stanford University, USA                         

International courses by leading universities and institutes                                  

1)public heath England – psychology therapeutics    

 2) Bond university-Data management                       

 3) Coventry university, managing mental health health and stress                

 4Lancaster University, virtual augmented and mixed reality                          

5)glass gow university, breast feeding                       

 6)Johns Hopkins university, covid -19 effective nursing in times of crises                                   

7)Griffith university, social change                     

 8)Michigan university, sleep deprivation, habits solutions and strategies        

9)Swinburne university, supporting and engaging people with autism               

10)University of reading, Covid -19 with depression                                   

HONORIS CAUSA-HONORARY DOCTORATES                             

1)Abide university, USA   Doctor of philosophy in Leisure sciences                       

2)International university of studies and research in Algeria -Doctor of philosophy in hospital and health management     

3)United college of brazil- Doctor of homoeopathy                           

4)United college of brazil, honorary doctorate in professorship                           

5)UNRS, USA doctor of philosophy in homoeopathy                       

 6)DPMRI, Nigeria honorary doctorate in humanity and peace              

7)Dynamic peace rescue mission international. Nigeria -honorary global peace ambassador                     

8)State human rightsand social justice council of Rajasthan -Doctorate of social work                            

9)Sparkle record book-Doctorate of social work                                         

10)African festival foundation, South Africa     – Doctorate of literature in homoeopathy                          

11)International crime fighters and allies, Ghana    – Doctorate of hospital and health management              

12)International university of studies and research in algeria –       Doctorate of science in homoeopathy                       

13)abide university, USA doctor of philosophy in sciences                                      

     PAST POSITIONS                  

1)Hospital manager-Sanjeevani cancer hospital, jabalpur    

2)principal -S. I. Paramedical sciences, jabalpur                                        ‘

 3)Doctor, NLEP, NHM, govt. Of M. P.                          

 4)District quality cum hospital manager at govt. District hospital, mandla, govt. of M. P          

5)Chief medical administrator, corporate hospital at Mumbai                 

6)Chief executive officer, SRKA multispecialty hospital, health institute and advance trauma care centre at vasai, Maharashtra                               

7)Registrar, Rotary dialysis and iccu centre, virar                                               

8)Principal -global paramedical college, vasai                                         

9)Medical officer, CRITICAL COVID CARE CENTRE, Vikramgadh, District -palghar                      


 1)International ambassador -Shree dadasaheb palkae international film foundation, India                    

2)International researcher -LEAD. Philippines                                

 3)honorary dean of homoeopathy in India, United College of Brazil        

 4)National ambassador, India -African festival foundation, South Africa          

 5)Gold member-World record forum                                                 


 1)31 world records on his name with different book of records – most educated and qualified person of India                       

  2)100 plus certificates, diplomas and degrees has achieved from 31 recognized universities of India, usa, uk, germany      

 3)Achieving of 300 plus certificates of webinars, traning, quiz etc                     

 4)Achieving of 200 plus national and international awards in last 14 years                          

 5)International life savior doctor at the global pandemic of covid -19 -three world records in creative international book of records, amazing book of international records and awesome book of international records                                      

 6)Over 500 camps conducted under his leadership                                   

7)he saves and secures over 25000 patients with 24 hours free consultancy and health services to tribals, farmers, labours, womens since last 18 months of covid -19               

8)50 plus national and international awards in this year. List of awards        

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