Aman Ahuja – Story of an Architect and the man behind A Square Studios

Aman Ahuja is an architect, interior design, and A Square Studios founder from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. His firm, A Square Studios, is an Architecture and interior design firm established to provide a plethora of services about Architecture, construction, Interior design, renovation, Furniture work and 3D rendering all across India. 

They say, ‘Architects are jack of all trades and master of none and being the jack of all trades makes them master the art of architectural design’. Being a modern-day designer and an archipreneur, Aman is proficient in multiple skillsets, making him an expert in observing different perspectives. His art of noticing elevated him to a higher level with completing over 20 projects within a year since the inception of A square Studios, which covers residential, institutional, and corporate projects.

Though they belonged to a business family, Aman had a humble beginning. He was always inclined to entrepreneurship since a very young age, so he kept himself away from the mundane life of 9-5 jobs. He was passionate about space and environment the thought to pursue architecture triggered his mind. He kick-started with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Chandigarh. He coined his firm A Square Studios in Kanpur post his graduation and polished his skills in architecture by working on practical projects in Vadodara and Chandigarh. This marked the journey of his entrepreneurship that made him rise high to become the epitome of success. Being a keen learner and a passionate architect, he is a firm believer that an Architect’s work directly influences the people & their surroundings. He has always been compassionate towards people & surroundings, which augmented the birth of A Square Studios. 

As Aman says, “I am truly inspired by balanced conglomeration of cultural heritage and modernism, with true enthusiasm and I try to incorporate the same in my design. I feel, designs have the power to wield a person’s emotions just like a rhyme, with a soothing flow, pattern, and rhythm a design speaks for its own identity. With such belief & dedication for work I strive hard to create an impact in this field.”

Undoubtedly, an entrepreneurial journey is no less than a roller coaster ride that takes years of grit and true determination to become prominent in the respective sphere. Aman’s passion and resilience made him count himself on the top. His inner strength and commitment to his goal overshadowed any obstacles with his entrepreneurial skills that came on his way. With a contribution to economic growth, he brings new jobs for the deserving and the passionate youth along with innovations in the business settings.

Aman’s vision became a roadmap towards the determination of his entrepreneurial efforts. Aman takes pride in the process and thoroughly enjoys each phase of the project, and a well-done completed project brings him extreme feelings of satisfaction. With innovative, sustainable and exceptional service in Architectural designs in India and practice, he aims to be the leading Architecture globally recognised and highly valued amongst clients and other industry players.

Aman’s high level of creativity, sound technical knowledge, understanding of down to earth and practical knowledge of the construction process, above all a good concept right through the completion of the project, makes him stand apart from the noise. He constantly keeps on updating his knowledge basis the latest trends and leaves no stone unturned in producing world-class designs without compromising anything. Aman’s passion for entrepreneurship served as a motivator and drove him to get over any risk and fear with a determination that kept him going. 

Get started with your dream home and house plans crafted by renowned home plan designer and architect Aman. So what’s stopping you? 

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