Ahmed Tufel Motiwala: The celebrity personal fitness coach and nutritionist who is letting the stars shine and get in fantastic shape

“Ahmed Tufel Motiwala is a celebrity fitness trainer with star studded client base including Mandira Bedi, Faiz Fazal, Parthiv Patel, Yusuf Pathan, Smriti Mandana, Washington Sundar and many more”

Needless to mention, behind every Gym fit person there’s a fitness trainer who keeps on screaming ‘YEAH COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT”, indeed they are the unsung heroes who work behind the scene and  help people get in fantastic shape with no credit at all.  Ahmed Tufel Motiwala is one such Personal fitness coach and nutritionist who has transformed more than 200 clients in the past seven years of his life as a fitness Coach and nutritionist.

Hailing from Surat Gujarat, Ahmed is known for the extensive training he puts his clients through with seven years of experience. With the accolade of one of India’s most sought after personal trainers, Ahmed began with level zero seven years back but made his way with training lot of Indian Cricketers and celebrities and transformed more than 200 clients by far. Besides being a personal trainer he also provides nutrition classes with proper nutrition plan and healthy lifestyle coaching. He strives to promote fitness to aware people to stay fit and healthy amid pandemic as nutrition is the key player when it comes to physical well being along with boost in immunity especially amid pandemic.

He was already passionate about fitness since a young age that enjoyed staying fit and healthy, eventually it has occurred to him to take this passion and turn it into a profession after a long struggling period with the encouragement and support from his uncle. He says “Nothing is impossible without the right mindset, intension and true dedication”. His love for fitness, and healthy body and every aspect of exercise kept him soar high as a professional fitness trainer with a huge clientele all across the globe. Indeed, Ahmed’s passion for fitness into a career as a fitness trainer hence proved that everything is possible when you love working at something you are passionate about.

Widely known as the best personal trainer Ahmed has been felicitated with the title of Mr. Gujarat in Fashion Pageant in the year 2019, certainly the biggest achievement.

Ahmed also provides online fitness training to his clients together with paid nutrition plan. However, he provides a huge concession of 70% discount for senior citizens, Indian Army, police officers and doctors. He strives to promote healthy eating that comes with a long term aim of maintaining a well balanced diet with a focus on all round good health and its benefits. He encourages positive eating regime to his clients and help them ensure that they must achieve positive and healthy lifestyle by paving a clear and customized plan for their journey. As a matter of fact it’s only a nutritionist who can ensure and provide insights about the food we eat and its impact on our health and well being along with a right guidance that’s right for personal needs, which can be easy to maintain and enjoyable too.

There are a myriad of traits that identifies Ahmed as a successful fitness trainer. He remains up to date with the latest training trends and research. He remains patient and understands the process of fitness and provides his client with customized training program. The way he communicates with his clients depicts him to have a great knowledge base as a strong communication skill is a must have while being on the gym with clients through exercise. He listens to his client’s response and asks quality questions and tries to understand them better to help them out. Apparently he is always presentable as a healthy and an active person and lastly his passion to help others achieve their fitness goals. He leaves no stone unturned in bringing optimism and energy in his sessions together with positive attitude which is no less than infectious and shiny.

Take control of your health and fitness from Ahmed’s fitness coaching and nutrition plan. Ahmed is available on Facebook and Instagram stop by and book your online fitness training session.

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