July 5, 2022

Govind Bali, the founder of Fastrack Legal solution is a lawyer by profession and a political right activist specialized in constitutional law and criminal law along with arbitration and mediation. He is an entrepreneur since a very young age from a humble background, an international horse rider and has been into animal rights for a long time. He is also the spokesperson for Rashtriya Mazdoor Kisaan Sangh which is a farmer rights organization and a labour rights organization. He has extensively worked on the rights of labor in the field of MGNREGA. He is also a political consultant who talks about the personality management, PR Management and election management issues. One charming aspect of his personality that is loved by all is that despite being so successful he remains grounded in reality.

A venture by Govind Bali, Fastrack Legal Solutions is the Law firm with its Pan India services believes in speedy justice for all along with the belief that Law should be there to entitle everyone of its rights. Situated at Gurgaon Sector 55 in Haryana, Fastrack Legal Solutions is a one stop shop offering a wide array of legal services related with intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks, copyrights, criminal law, bail matters , family law , arbitration mediation and many more fields at Qualitative and affordable cost with Fastrack and prompt legal services to protect the interests of the clients through well qualified, enthusiastic and highly qualified professionals. Govind with team Fastrack commit professionally and ethically with a result oriented approach and work towards the mission to provide quick and fool proof legal solution to all legal issues at an affordable cost.

It goes without saying, Legal cases takes a lot of time and at times we get stuck with the most ambiguous questions such as “Shall I also have to wait for a date like tareek pe tareek?” or “I wish there could be some legal expert who could help me with consultation and put an end to my legal complications with all kind of legal support”. To put a full-stop to this dilemma and ease the complication of the people, Govind had established Fastrack Legal Solutions – one stop legal solution to all legal issues.

Fastrack Legal Solution is a tribe of well qualified, enthusiastic and a Go-Getter professional Lawyer who are strongly dedicated towards their passion of Law by working towards better India. Govind and his team leave no stone unturned to protect the interests of their clients with an assurance of safety and an ethical principle of confidentiality and Reliability of legal services. They are strongly dedicated towards their commitment with their remarkable services and strive to become a world class one stop legal firm for entire range of legal services with accessibility to all.

Advocate Govind with team Fastrack Commits to make a difference In the lives of the people through their Services in Legal Law, Criminal law, Divorce Law, Matrimonial matters and matrimonial mediation, Family Law, Statutory and non statutory complaints of Armed forces together with Notary Services, Affidavit Services, Attestation, Litigation, corporate Law, Arbitration, contract drafting, and Education consultancy. They also provide discount in their services exclusively for present and former armed forces personnel.

His clientele includes corporate entities, Individuals, Trusts, property owners, Builders, Educational Institutions, small and medium sized enterprises and so on.

Govind has created a team of 25 Professional and highly qualified professional lawyers for Fastrack Legal Solution.

They have solved 120 cases by far

There remain 95% chances of success rate of each case.

They provide 24X7X365 online legal services with beck and call.

Indeed the Fastrack legal solution under the ownership of Govind is knocking on the door of greatness with its exceptional service who aspires to be highly committed to its clients by taking away all their legal complications which might have taken refuge by disturbing the flow of their routine personal and professional activities. In a couple of years the firm had elevated its goodwill by extending with its effective legal solution to its clients from diverse sectors. One endearing feature of Fastrack legal solution is the effort that the entire team takes in each case they deals which clearly highlight their passion for Law and it surely sets them apart from the crowd!

Need an advice from expert lawyers? Connect with them on https://fastracklegalsolutions.co.in/ . They are available on all social media channels.

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