May 27, 2022

No matter how much time it slips like sand. Luck bows before hard work. Like these few lines is the story of Dev Menaria, a young Bollywood star from Udaipur, the city of lakes.  Those who have got success by fighting luck and bad times.Taking responsibility for the family after the death of his father, Dev grew up in his dream and as a result, today Dev is not only a successful young artist, but today he is also the heartbeat of millions of young hearts and their role model.  Today thousands of youth are inspired by Dev and like him, they are progressing towards success. Today every citizen of Udaipur is proud to see the work of Dev in the field of art and humanity.Dev’s Bollywood journey started in 2018 with the TV serial Nukkad Ek Choupal and today as a successful actor his new Hindi film SAAJISH  The CONSPIRACY is going to be released in which his co-star Mugdha Godse is. Directed by Hiralal and producer Karnal SS, the film is based on the real-life of the film, which depicts the youth in the current circumstances of the crime. Today, due to the Internet, small and small children are becoming more mature than their age.  Due to a lack of understanding of good and bad, those who fall into temptation have started wandering.  In such a situation, it is our responsibility to show them the right path.  And it is said that today’s generation believes in understanding more than listening and the way to understand them is through the internet and movies.  In such a situation, there is a lack of films explaining the right path and understanding of good and bad to the youth, understanding that this film by Dev Menaria is a gift to the youth, which will play an important role in making them aware and alert.This film shows the harmony between the government and the administration, how together such crimes can be eliminated. In this film, Dev Menaria is working as the main protagonist Police Inspector and Bollywood villains Raza Murad and Shahbaz Khan Villain as supporting roles like Mushtaq Khan, Neeraj Bharjdhwaj, many actors are working. We wish Dev a bright future and at the same time, the nation expects Dev to show the right path as a successful artist, to entertain the youth in the present modern era.also dev menaria got a legend dada saheb phalke award 2021.

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