May 27, 2022

Abhyudoy Das never gives up, the zeal and enthusiasm has never degraded, his passion for the work he does increases every minute. Abhyudoy Das is the co-founder of E-coin foundation and Hello Fans and is working as a collaborative marketing executive with over more than six years of experience. Abhyudoy firmly and preaches and firmly believes in what Thomas Edison once said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Abhyudoy Das has paved path to success for various individuals and businesses.

Abhyudoy Das has brought reforms in the industryand has achieved various milestones. Associated with variety of marketing and with start-ups he is a skilled and experienced professional with years of experience. He makes sure that whatever decisions and undertaken are prudent and reap benefits in the long term. Abhyudoy Das is not only aided by is entrepreneurial mindset but he is loaded with qualities like that of leadership, in-depth analysing and decision-making skills for what he is known in the industry, and given the years of experience he has and when blended with skills and knowledge gives him a powerful hand in problem solving. Ready to help and mentor you through anything and everything Abhyudoy Das has come a long way.

Over the years that Abhyudoy Das been working in the industry he is equipped with abundance of experience which he now uses to guide people and other start-up founders. He had played an important role in various start-ups and projects in the marketing and developmental process. “The initial stage is the most important point and also the most sensitive one. Utmost care is requird at this stage” says Abhyudoy Das who himself has been a vital part of various start-ups; to name a few Start-ups like Social Good Foundation, Maptags, Sashwat, Snappy, Start-up entrepreneurs, Internshala, Bizsecure, BTCEx are included. These star-ups have grown to well stablished brands and today hold a great repute in the market.

In the time where Cryptocurrency is high on demand, Abhyudoy is making continuous efforts to make Crypto and Blockchain mainstream. Abhyudoy has helped, guided and mentored more than ten Crypto and Blockchain start-ups in building perfect pitch deck, strategizing business plans, website user experience, reducing the complexities and giving smooth experience to the customers, attractive website design and layout and marketing plans that connect everyone and a lot more making sure the start-ups get the best outcome and are successful. Abhyudoy Das has directly and indirectly worked as a client marketing POC for various crypto projects like FIO Protocol, Morpher, Taklimakan Network, BC Game, BC Casino and the list goes on.

Abhyudoy Das is an alumnus of Draper University and recently in May 2021 he won Draper University Entrepreneurship Program, this was possible only because of the entrepreneurial spirit that he has is sharing with other people out there so that they learn and develop the skills that are required for business growth and development.

Abhyudoy to believes in continuous learning and discovering new aspects every day. Over six years every day he has learnt on thing or the another. Abhyudoy Das has achieved various milestones at a very young age and is accelerating. He has successfully accomplished hundreds of projects and counting. Abhyudoy is an expert in managing marketing campaigns and achieving marketing objectives expanding and growing the business driving productivity and growth. He analyses, monitors, plans, execute and implement everything.

Abhyudoy Das is a multi-skilled professional who has concrete knowledge about start-ups like;

How to build a start-up? How to run a start-up? What are the dos and don’ts of a start-up?

He has got your back in everything related to start-up development. He also guides and mentos about product development and branding, raising funds, identification of opportunities for business improvement; cost reduction, partnership building, staff development for your start-ups to influencer marketing.

Abhyudoy does not leave and page unturned he can also be contacted for customer retention and increasing revenue, financial management and collaboration with other brands and teams.

You can contact Abhyudoy Das via following link:

Abhyudoy Das | LinkedIn

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