Abhay Bafna is a Rajasthan-based entrepreneur who runs his own business in Chennai.

Meet Abhay Bafna, who is an entrepreneur and runs a refrigeration business in Chennai. Air cool center and co, AS refrigeration owner Abhay Bafna, belongs from Sujangarh, a small town in Rajasthan. His early education started in Chennai. His dad used to run a theatre in a small town. He came with his uncle to Chennai to study. When his brother started his business in Coimbatore, he shifted there in 7th class itself. During his schooling, he has struggled a lot. Every morning he went to school, after which he used to help his brothers in the business during the evening. During his 10th class, he got into the business. He got married at an early age.

 So now there was responsibility of family as well work on him .

On the other hand, the people used to taunt him that you got everything by doing nothing. At that time, Abhay decided to open his branch in some other place all by himself.

He chooses two places as his option priority was Indore, and the second was Chennai in Indore. He was given the wrong suggestions by some people whose own relatives used to run the same business in Indore that his company will not survive, so he chose Chennai. He started the business at a rented place, working day and night for 14 years now. He owns his shop in Teynampet (Chennai). There were many ups and downs in his journey; he couldn’t complete his education also, being young, he had many responsibilities on him, he didn’t lose hope, he was determined that he had to do something in his life.

 His wife Meenu Bafna says that Abhay is not changed at all. He is too workaholic.

That is one of the reasons for his success. Even most of the clients used to say Abhay is too much honest and punctual. They even say that he does not have a degree in this field, but he still knows so much about it. Asking about Abhay’s success, he said, whatever you decided or whatever you want to achieve in your life. You have to give your 100% in it.

 Success doesn’t come overnight, but it’s worth the hard work you have done when it comes. 

Asking about Abhay his hobbies, he loves to play badminton and watch movies during his free time. Now his name comes in one of the top dealers who deal in Refrigeration services. Now he has clients from big companies who take suggestions and goods from him. Abhay’s family consists of his wife- Meenu Bafna, who herself is an accountant in his business, and two children Shruti and Shrey, who are in class 11th and 8th, respectively.

On the other hand, his Wife Meenu Bafna, who works as an accountant in the same company, says Seeing her husband working day and night even motivate her a lot, from being having nothing to owning something it takes so much hard work and requires patience

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