With an aim to uplift the small businesses amid covid-19 Pandemic 19 year old Aayush Sharma established NewLife IT Solutions, a digital marketing agency with one stop solution from digital marketing to offline marketing.

NewLife IT Solutions, a venture by Aayush Sharma came into being during Covid-19 Pandemic to elevate the small business owners that were on the verge of shutting down due to lockdown in the country. Needless to say, Covid-19 had taken a toll on every sectors of the economy and amid such downfall Aayush had come forward to provide digital solution to those business by transitioning their offline business to online with all digital marketing solutions. However the response received was staggering.

The team at NewLife comprises of the passionate web designers, app developers, social media professionals and influencers. Nevertheless, currently NewLife is specialized in health and fitness. Aayush considers, a composed and a minimal approach towards work becomes the key to success in the coming times and this is what kept him going accordingly. NewLife caters to the services of Website design and development, Mobile Application development, social media management, Search engine optimization, PPC, Email marketing, Social media marketing and so on. The entire team prioritizes their clients’ needs and always goes out of their way and provides them with innovative solutions.

For Aayush, his Grandfather has always been his biggest inspiration who had achieved everything without anyone’s support. He feels to have his own identity like his grandfather and that made him self employed and self dependent at the age of 19, indeed awe inspiring! He feels truly blessed for having supportive parents by his side that encouraged him to make a mark with his passion though they were concerned of his health and studies. His dad was skeptical initially but his constant guidance literally helped Aayush to excel in his business.

Aayush shares a productive routine about his management between his studies and business that’s worth to share “It’s all about time management. I was never able to follow a proper schedule but you should at least know much time you need to spend and where, I’ve a really hectic schedule as my days are jam packed with classes, gym, then routine checks for our supermarket. So I mainly work in the night from 11 pm to 3 in the morning. The takeaway is if you do things you’re passionate about, you won’t be tired. I am not romanticizing a bad sleep schedule. You must sleep at least 7 hours a day and that’s how all the creativity actually comes to work. You’ll have fun working for it, you’ll enjoy the process and the results will just take you higher”

It is his passion for his business that kept him stay motivated. He states “If you do what you love, you would want to do it everyday. Set deadlines to achieve a certain goal before that time limit fight against the time.” He adores his work, but he always maintains a work-life balance. He equally maintains his schedule by adding a physical activity to the day be it gym or any sport so that he remains focused in a certain area of his mind that further helps him to keep his composure.

He adds “There are times when you hit a block where you don’t know what to do how to deal with a certain problem at that point I like to read books or even audio books your capacity to think about the possibilities the ideas everything increases exponentially”

Aayush’s father was employed as India Head of Co-operate affairs in Metro Cash. In 2019 he founded the parent Company of NewLife “Pratibha Horizon Solutions Pvt Ltd” (www.phspvtltd.com) that deals with Government licensing, co-operate affairs, wholesale and retail trade of goods etc. As for NewLife it comes under the parent company as a sub brand that was introduced in early 2021.

Aayush is Pursuing BBA from Chandigarh University thought he tried to make his luck in medical but fate had something else in store for him. Right after completing his high school he joined his father’s business to look after the marketing of the business that he literally enjoyed doing so. He had seen financial constraints in his family after his grandfather’s demise and so this had triggered him to chase his passion with NewLife so that no other business goes through the same financial crunch due to pandemic.

Aayush concludes with a note for the aspiring young entrepreneurs “I would just say that never give up. Follow your passion, the key isn’t innovation it’s the execution. Google wasn’t the first to create a search Engine; it was the execution that made it the biggest name on the web”

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