I became a nutritionist accidentally. Yes, you heard it right, accidental.! I came to this field with a dramatic situation. I joined B.Sc. honours four-year degree at Professor Jaya Shankar Telangana Agriculture University because my parents forced me not to waste a year for a doctor seat, and the journey started there. I used to hate and was not interested in 2-3 semesters. Slowly after two years of bachelors, I started liking it because I was not only learning about food and nutrition. I also leant about Child & Human psychology, Mass media Communication, Interior designing & fashion technology. Now I am in love with my profession. 

(Shubangi Tammalwar) I am a qualified Nutritionist/Dietitian & Certified Sports Nutritionist based in the City of Nizams. I hold a Master’s degree in dietetic and foodservice management & a Diploma in sports nutrition from the Medvarsity Apollo group. I have five years of experience. I am still counting in the healthcare industry as one of Hyderabad’s best nutritionists & has been awarded as the YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR by the RND Sadhana awards 2020.

I have been helping individuals in embracing a balanced lifestyle. Currently, I am working as a Chief Nutritionist at NutrySuperDiet. It has provided people with nutrition and successful advice to know more about changing their lifestyle choices for their health. It also offers a customised diet keeping a close look at your lifestyle, food preferences, and medical conditions—a consultant nutritionist at Orka provides clients with healthy options. 

I have started NutrySuperDiet to give medical nutrition therapy where you can consult to get customised plans for yourself. Right from Therapeutic meal plans (Diabetic, PCOD, Thyroid etc.) to Athletic meal or diet plans, along with programmed sessions in chambers which provides online consultation. www.nutrysuperdiet.com

The kitchen has a wise use of ingredients and a passionate chef (Sai Kiran) for cooking and sharing that we are grateful for. We believe in sourcing the best ingredients and using the best equipment to deliver incredible flavours. A little bit of everything, including meat, cereals, pulse, fruit, butter, oils, etc. More than you ever imagined. This is what you can expect when you visit us.

We have always tried to be mindful of the environment. We are conscious of our food and service, ensuring that our customers are as comfortable as possible.

We have created the perfect food for all tastes by balancing the nutritional need of individuals.

I believe in creating a healthy nation by giving a holistic nutritional diet. I have been publishing content to a blog about nourishment for a long while now. You can take a look at Instagram for the same. Individualised nutrition advice for healthy weight management & kid nutrition is also provided under our supervision.

Not only the case for clients, but I case for following nutritionist/dieticians too. I have built software with the help of tech and experienced people. Here, a nutritionist can easy handle client management, appointments scheduling & easy nutrient calculation. A diet plan generation is also launched with the name NUTRIFLEX www.nutriflex.in

NutriFlex helps dietitians/nutritionists manage their clients efficiently in one place. It offers various features like recipe creation, auto diet creation, client management, appointments, and more. It is also the first software available in India that can create complex diets automatically.

NutriFlex follows scientifically tested IFCT nutrition tables, NIN recommendations, and other standard organisation’s recommendations ensuring the client gets a perfect diet plan every time. It also eases the dietitian’s work many folds by automating much of the manual work that is to be done by the dietitian.

Shubangi Tammalwar is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals at home or on the go. Contact if you would like to transform your life or hope to liven up your already existing well-being.

Qualified Dietitian & Celebrity Nutritionist – Shubangi Tammalwar

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Ms. Shubangi Tammalwar

Founder – NutrySuperDiet

Director – NutriFlex

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