With the advent of Fitness era, the need for fitness knowledge bearer has emerged out of nowhere. Needless to say that numerous intellects will not be enough to fulfil the evergrowing demands. To strengthen the ongoing metamorphosis, many have decided to come forward and support the revolution with the prime, they can. One such fellow is Sunil Sheoran. Sunil is one of the most generous fitness influencers on social media, with priceless content and free advice for those following his account. A Post Graduate degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and several fitness certifications under his belt, he not only knows the subject to detail, but is able to explain complex mechanisms in a way which is informative, educational and entertaining – even for the lay person. He takes an approach which is educated, experienced and honest about what’s actually important. He loves to provide consultancy to professional athletes with a tunnel mindset and vision. The interesting part is -for majority of the cases its free.

Sunil always had an inclination towards Sports since childhood. He represented his school at various Zonal Levels in Volleyball and Badminton. He started his fitness journey during college days and aspired to be a professional athlete. As he was doing good in studies, his family wanted him to pursue higher education. He continued his education to fulfil the dream and responsibility towards his family. He went on to complete his Master degree with scholarship from AICTE.

With immense love towards fitness, he didn’t leave any sports magazine, books, articles, research papers which really helped him to understand the concepts to the core. Instead of spending finance in Pune’s nightlife, he saved his scholarship money to pay dues for his college fees and other expenses and the rest of them to complete his fitness certifications. When asked why did he do it, he replied ‘’Having a passionate interest in something burns our heart and ignites the fire and makes us concentrate on what we love, curiously learn more about it and persistently follow that desire’’.

He now works for world’s biggest pharmaceutical consultancy and loves his job. His colleague pays huge respect towards his love for fitness industry and admire him for the same. What exactly he loves in his profession ‘’It’s been 12 years in this industry and each day is a new learning with a lot of information being populated in pharma Industry. We are working in a very dynamic sector and each day is challenging and fascinating with new developments and advancement. Its amazing to see what human mind and research is capable of’’, he replied.

His vision is to launch a Performance Lab for Sports Sciences in India and take the research in fitness Industry to Global Standards. He aspires to see an Indian Professional athlete on Mr. Olympia stage. India has the potential but due to lack of guidance at correct time and scientific knowledge in fitness domain, the athletes are not getting enough to compete at that level. There are certain things which are demand of the sports and only few legitimate (with solid education base) can turn the tables around. It’s all about the timing- The sooner an athlete gets acquaint with the scientific coaching, the longer their career will be. It’s a long road and you can’t compensate your health for a district/state level show.

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