In today’s world, who doesn’t like to be their own boss. Most of us prefer to work for our dreams rather than working on somebody else’s dream. Today, we introduce one such engineer turned entrepreneur who was triumphant in his career, worked with MNCs for almost four years, and led many teams under him. His achievements don’t end here. He is a business coach who has coached over 200+ people all over India. He is a Team Motivator, a Writer, a Digital Marketer, a PPC Expert, a Growth Hacker, a Business Planner, & an Entrepreneur.

Why do you think such a talented engineer who was so driven with his work would switch his career at the peak of his vocation?

When Indian businessmen were new to the concept of Digital Marketing, Khivraj had mastered the stream and how. From promoting a brand online to creating a website to bring it on top of the google search engine, he knew it all. He aimed to change the way the world looks at the marketing business. His ideas were a lot different from the world. He knew he needed to start small but think big to perceive his goals.

At first, he started with a premium marketing company YUVMEDIA in February 2020. YUVMEDIA is a marketing company that aims to provide the best services to its clients.

Khivraj started YUVMEDIA with a sturdy aim. He knew what customers needed and provided them with the best service. Like any other startup, he, too, faced many difficulties and failures at first. The challenge wasn’t just to attract customers and convince them that their brands need digital marketing but also to form a team that would be as staunch as him, who could handle the customers in a pre-eminent manner.

There are various services provided related to marketing and digital marketing at YUVMEDIA. They have experts working for their clients in all the niches mentioned above. YUVMEDIA haven’t limited themselves in any means.

Although YUVMEDIA has clients across many states of India, Khivraj wasn’t done yet. He wanted to reach as many businessmen as possible across India and bring them under one umbrella. His tenacious attitude couldn’t let him stop with YUVMEDIA. By the end of February 2021, he launched a community platform, WE ENTREPRENEURZ. An entrepreneur with a vision of providing a platform for other entrepreneurs all over India to join and help each other. He aimed to create a platform for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Even after becoming a presentable entrepreneur, he didn’t want to stop training businessmen and develop a community network across India that provides a platform for entrepreneurs to come and join hands to quest help and provide support. So, Khivraj decided to set up another offshoot where he could continue to reach out to people and share his knowledge of digital marketing and sales with them.

DIGITAL MARKETING FRANCHISE is another part of WE ENTREPRENEURZ. It is a B2B platform that provides services, pieces of training, and franchises to businessmen who want to grow their businesses in their respective fields. They started to lend helping hands to businessmen who wanted to take their business digitally. Khivraj Sain trained and is still training small budget entrepreneurs across India on digital marketing. 

WE ENTREPRENEURZ is a platform that identifies and helps small-scale businessmen. DIGITAL MARKETING FRANCHISE helps small-scale businessmen not just to promote their own business digitally but also provide them with pieces of training on digital marketing and sales. The services provided by WE ENTREPRENEURZ do not end here. They help them grow in every way. After giving them the training, they build a brand for these small-scale businessmen, bringing leads for them in their area.

Small businessmen who do not have any clients or infrastructure can join WE ENTREPRENEURZ, where they not only provide leads to them but also if they bring any client by themselves, the work is done by the WE ENTREPRENEURZ team. The benefits of joining WE ENTREPRENEURZ are that these small-scale businessmen can generate their revenue and can also develop their brand presence in their local market. The only task for them would be to get clients. They can earn and grow without having an infrastructure and team of their own. Later these small-scale businessmen can be a part of WE ENTREPRENEURZ to seek help or lend help to other entrepreneurs.

 Key Highlights:

•   YUVMEDIA is a one-stop destination.

•   YUVMEDIA has clients from all over India.

•   They kept adopting and adapting new technology in their work.

•   They have more than 100 happy and gruntled clients.

•   DIGITAL MARKETING FRANCHISE has 80+ active franchise partners all around India.


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