Life is to perceive when there is nothing to achieve,

A moment of bliss captured without a click,

When you see darkness and hope in mess,

Where Drama, politics, misunderstandings, never gonna rest.

And One day it rained made me so wet,

I slept with him, hugged him so tight,

Mingled into each other so deep,

Goosebumps on my body when he kiss,

Making love in serendipity,

holding hearts till eternity.

Woke up with a thought of a morning with no sunlight,

Saw a colourful rainbow near my bed,

Each colour was sharing an impeccable story,

I was writing a poem and savouring my poetry,

He came near me, gave a peck on my forehead,

Called me his sunshine in the ineludible darkness.

Being thankful for every bit I have accord,

Gratitude always for sending him for me, My lord!

Made me smile, attaining my moment of wow,

I am still mesmerised with the thought of everything that happened just now.

Woke up from my dream ,

Nevertheless, I have achieved my dream, now I will achieve all the connotations.

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