A company that solves all of your investing problems is Pitch Our Way. Let’s learn about that!.

India is the third-largest unicorn ecosystem, with 60,000 startups, after the United States (487), China (301), and the United Kingdom (39). Anyone who desires to be an entrepreneur will be inspired by the success stories of entrepreneurs from across the country. Pitch Our Way is an investment preparation solution for entrepreneurs and special assistance for the founders while raising funding. It was founded by Simran Paul Singh and Vanshika Mangla, both CFAs and economics experts. Are you creating your investor pitch deck using the Startup pitch deck template? This is not a good idea! Your pitch deck should be tailored to your story rather than being based on the Airbnb deck!

A well-crafted pitch deck and financial model can boost the chances of a successful investment round by 70%. Simran and Vanshika recognised that the founders were having difficulty expressing their ideas in the Pitch Deck based on their expertise working at a London-based investment banking firm. Founders are giving investors exaggerated valuations, which is having a negative influence on their fundraising. They got started because they saw a need to prepare entrepreneurs for investment. Vanshika has already assisted several firms with their fundraising rounds, including Ezyschooling, eduTinker, Reevoy, Klassroom, JJ Tax, and Green Rhino. Using growth tactics, Pitch our Way’s skilled team has been able to successfully incubate numerous other firms in a variety of IIMs and other incubators. These success tales demonstrate that anything is possible when you have the right direction.

The group was involved in several intriguing projects. With his in-depth financial expertise, Arjun Chauhan has assisted more than 500 companies in determining their valuations and growth projections. Tushar Narula, as a business head, assisted in determining the marketing strategies and advised the founders on the most promising opportunities in the industry. Pitch decks have become an essential component of their startup’s success for many entrepreneurs. A pitch deck is a presentation that gives potential investors an overview of your company. It includes a demonstration of your product, a discussion of your business model, a discussion of your additional revenue strategy, and an introduction to your team. Investors watch pitch decks for an average of 3 minutes and 44 seconds. It’s crucial to highlight your distinctiveness in the Pitch Deck. You may enhance the level of your deck and justify your valuation with the help of an expert team at Pitch Our Way. The first paper shared with investors is the pitch deck, making it worth reading and worth investment!

Before any founder speaks with investors, their pitch deck should speak for them. Finally, the more stunning your pitch is, the more investors are likely to take you seriously. It doesn’t hurt to ask someone with high-level expertise to help you strengthen your pitch deck and figure out your valuation. The appropriate graphics, positioning, and wording can make a multi-million dollar difference and give you more negotiating leverage. This demonstrates that India’s startup ecosystem has a promising future. According to an Orios Venture Partners study, Indian entrepreneurs raised $42 billion in 2021, up from $11.5 billion the previous year.

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