5 Secret Tips To Cultivate Successful Investing Mindset.

By Rohit Ranjan, Entrepreneur and Value Investor. 

If You really want to become a successful investor you need to cultivate a right mindset. This will prepare you for the tough investing scenarios like 2008 or last year’s market crash.

By cultivating a strong investing mindset, you can be prepared for tough investing scenarios and put yourself in better situations for financial success.

Having the right frame of mind is imperative when it comes to investing, whether you’re a battle-hardened day trader or a total investing beginner.

Possessing the right frame of mind can save us from making mistakes, from going against our own plans, and from sabotaging our success.

The most successful investors were not made in a day. Learning the ins and outs of the financial world and your personality as an investor takes time and patience, not to mention trial and error. In this article, we’ll lead you through the first five steps of your expedition into investing and show you what to look out for along the way.


>> You need to plan and decide an exact time frame to start your investing journey. When you know the duration of investing and your gain from it,  you can put a structure in place to achieve it. 

>>  Next,you need to understand the market, your own investing style and what set of investing you want to do. 

>> Be careful when learning the techniques whether he has that portfolio that can teach you or just teaching from knowledge. 

>> Make sure that financial freedom is a long term journey not a short time scratch card. You should have patience and the right plan to work on. 

1. Start Your Investing Game.

If you are Just starting up be aware that every successful inverter passes out from a big game. Not from just a one shot hit event. And you want to prepare yourself for the long term game of investment.  Begin with the 1st step of the game and then plan your investment game accordingly. 

For example, are you looking to retire in 20 years at age 55? How much money will you need to do this? You must first ask these questions. The plan that you come up with will depend on your investment goals.

2. Market Knowledge

You should collect more and more knowledge about the market. For that you can read books or attend some online courses that deal with actual financial freedom plans. Not only the short term investing plan. The people who came up with theories such as portfolio optimization, diversification, and market efficiency received their Nobel prizes for good reason. Investing is a combination of art & science (financial fundamentals + qualitative factors)  This should not be ignored. If you feel it’s too hard to understand you don’t do it very well. I have a live workshop coming up where I will reveal all the art & science behind financial freedom in a very simple language. 

Once you have the knowledge of exactly what works and what not you can come up with simple rules for your own game. 

For example, Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors ever. His simple investment style is summed up in this well-known quote: “Never invest in a business you cannot understand.” It has served him well. While he missed the tech upturn, he avoided the subsequent devastating downturn of the high-tech bubble of 2000.

3. Create Your Own Investment strategy. 

Nobody knows you better that you. Therefore you are the most intelligent person to create your own investing game. — all you need is a bit of help. Identify the personality traits that will assist you or prevent you from investing successfully, and manage them accordingly.

I have referred through the behavioral model that helps investors to understand themselves more confidently. 

This model will divide investors into Five characteristics. 

  1. Individualist – careful and confident, often takes a do-it-yourself approach
  2. Adventurer – volatile, entrepreneurial and strong-willed
  3. Celebrity – a follower of the latest investment fads
  4. Guardian – highly risk-averse, wealth preserver
  5. Straight Arrow – shares the characteristics of all of the above equally

As anyone might expect, the best speculation results will in general be acknowledged by a maverick, or somebody who shows insightful conduct and certainty and has a decent eye for esteem. In any case, in the event that you verify that your character attributes look like those of a globe-trotter, you can in any case make speculation progress on the off chance that you change your methodology appropriately. At the end of the day, paying little heed to which bunch you fit into, you ought to deal with your center resources in a deliberate and restrained manner.

4. Beware of your friend and enemy

You should stay away from friends who pretend to be your friend. You should connect with friends who have access to greater and faster information. So that in situations they can handhold you up.

Also, keep in mind that you are the worst enemy of yourself. You should understand your personality and accordingly you should create a strategy. You should be adjustable for your own success. You should not go against your personality type if you were to follow the latest market craze and seek short-term profits Because you are risk-averse and a wealth preserver.

you would be affected far more by large losses that can result from high-risk, high-return investments. Be honest with yourself, and identify and modify the factors preventing you from investing successfully or moving you away from your comfort zone.

5. Find Your Own Investing Path. 

You should create your own investing path according to your knowledge, personality and resources.

Generally, investors adopt one of the following strategies:

.>> Don’t put all of your balls in one basket. In other words, diversify your game.

>> Put all of your balls in one basket, but watch your basket carefully.

>> Combine both of these strategies by making tactical bets on a core passive portfolio.

Most successful investors start with low-risk diversified portfolios and gradually learn by doing. As investors gain greater knowledge over time, they become better suited to taking a more active stance in their portfolios.

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