STARTUP Woopoxy – The first exclusive showroom of wooden epoxy décor in Mumbai

Woopoxy is a brand that is specialized in wooden epoxy decor and tables with a wide variety of tabletops and decors readily available.”

Woopoxy is the manufacturer and a wholesaler of a wide variety of wooden Epoxy décor established in February 2021, intending to provide world-class personalized décor for elegance and luxury. A point of difference makes Woopoxy stand apart from the rest, which is the design of their products inspired by natural beauty, which is then produced into authentic and glamorous products and sold all across the globe, which certainly comes with huge demand.

  • 36 epoxy colour combinations are available in wooden epoxy decor. Stands used in the Tables are Wood, MS, or SS depends on the requirement. The upper Coating of the table is a Resin coating.
  • They provide three types of polish viz; Natural polish (Rubio Momocoat, Nature coat), Melamine (glossy or matt) and Resin Coating. The materials and finishes are high quality, and they credit the craftsmen and the highly skilled labourers for crafting wooden epoxy decor.

The range of products with the design of natural beauty that is worth to explore and purchase includes coffee tables, centre tables, Dining table, wall décor, Wall clock, Trays, Tea coasters, Planter stand, Resin Art, Resin Art clock, Resin Art wall décor, Resin art table, Live edge tables. The classic design décor of Woopoxy helps various rooms and styles when blended, create a personalized interior theme. Since the decors products are inspired by nature, it utilizes natural textures and finishes. The exotic style with vintage finishes is a signature piece that’s hard to ignore. In the Woopoxy showroom, more than 250 live edge wooden planks are readily available in advance, chambered seasoned as well as 100% Treated. Moreover, the epoxy used is International Graded and matches the international standards of the market. To explain further the following specifications makes Woopoxy the best and one of the world-class décor showrooms in India.

The founder, Mr Aayush Gada, explains, “We are specialists in wooden epoxy decor and tables. All the woods we use in the production are 100% seasoned in the chambers and not left to dry. We not only sell products, but we also sell the experience of exclusive tables and décor. We are prompt in response and service.” Currently, Woopoxy is just operating offline, but soon they are going to expand their brand online. The brand faced few challenges amid the second lockdown phase in 2021 as they just started in Feb 2021, but eventually, everything got settled with a good response from the market.

Aayush shares, “I have done more than 50 competitions as well as commercial theatre. But my breakthrough came four years back when Dr Pankaj Naram saw a spark in me to do something in life and gave me a chance to shoot for his social media and travel with him and learn people, learn lifestyle and learn how to live, how to find opportunity, how to create your presence and much more. That made me meet some eminent personalities who helped me to find what I desired. Now I want to design and create tables that bring an experience in people’s lives, which is exclusive as well as beautiful.”

Well, the inspiration behind the formation of Woopoxy originated from Aayush’s father, as Aayush was perplexed with a start. His father noticed his creativity, and he encouraged him to take the lead and pave a path for himself about the beginning and achievement of the goal in life.

The 23 years old founder Mr Aayush Gada began his journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 15 in a firm called WORLD HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CENTER, under Mr Latesh shah. He had polished himself through Mr Shah, who nurtured him and taught him to be confident and set goals for life and pursue them. Though he does not have any degree, practical guidance, experience, and motivation made him an expert. This had elevated him into a trainer for a course called MID BRAIN ACTIVATION, where he had trained kids and adults. He had trained as well as consulted them. Besides this, he has also been in Gujarati theatre for more than nine years.

Aayush concludes by saying, “We don’t just make tables and décor for you, but we create something that gives you an experience of exclusiveness.”

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