January 30, 2023
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22-year-old Serial Entrepreneur and Blockchain for Business consultant

22-year-old Serial Entrepreneur and Blockchain for Business consultant

Anand Mishra is a Founder of HECOD Blockchain and Blockchain for a business consultant. Helping small and medium-sized businesses in adopting blockchain technology in day-to-day technology needs.

Anand completed his just Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology from PM Group of Institutions, Haryana. While in college, he developed a sharp interest in Entrepreneurship. In the year 2017, While in college, he loves to interact with technology and science students in his college where he explored cryptocurrency and then blockchain technology and learned about how blockchain technology is going to disrupt the market and internet in the coming years, and in the same year Wazirx and several projects launched based on blockchain technologies and were motivated and those days technology was booming and buzzing with startups and sustainability. He decided to learn about technology, but due to some barriers, he was not able to join full-time programs where he can learn more about blockchain technology. So, he decided to learn online and joined several online programs, and also pursued some online certificate programs offered by edX in Computer science and Blockchain Technology by 2020. Anand is a polymath with experience in youth entrepreneurship, healthcare, information technology, management, and innovation.

Anand is also the Founder & President of HECOD Blockchain Inc. is a British Columbia, Canada-based blockchain-focused startup that is self-funded and managed by highly experienced executives having more than 20 years of experience. HECOD going to sell two different software products that command impressive market share. With their flagship product, the Blockchain-based interface of HECOD – which gives a scalable backend, a flexible database, a ready-to-use API, and a No Code business logic builder to transform data to and from any source.

Anand is also involved in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency awareness among industries and youth, mostly focused on college-going students who like to learn about technologies and some entrepreneurs from those student groups. He was also involved in few events as a guest speaker and panelist, some were organized by IBS Gurgaon and SRCC, Delhi.

He says —– The increasing demand for cloud-based services among organizations is expected to be one of the key trends for the market. Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) helps organizations to adopt applications such as security management systems and enterprise resource management systems, among others. The BaaS service allows customers to utilize, host, and develop their smart contracts, functions, and applications. Organizations hold multiple and fragmented data on cloud-based management systems, which makes their data overexposed to hacker attacks. Overexposed data presents a major risk to organizations regardless of size, industry, or location.

The increasing global demand for digital payment systems is driving market growth in the current days. Digital payment relies on multiple parties to process transactions, including merchant banks, retail banks, card issuers, and payments software companies, which creates the demand for blockchain technology to secure the transactions. Simultaneously, the reliability of users on trusted institutions to complete their day-to-day electronic transactions is also creating the demand for blockchain technology. High investments in blockchain by leading banks and other financial institutions have led to various advancements in technology, thereby improving efficiency. The technology is anticipated to shape the banking sector by bringing a new age of efficiency. Other factors contributing to the high adoption of the technology include eradication of the need for authenticating the transaction processes, reduction of error rates, elimination of reconciliation, and facilitation of faster settlement.

He is also working on HECOD Blockchain-based NFT which helps real estate, marketing companies, governments, NGOs, and other such organizations and industries to adopt Blockchain technology and NFTs, Also a cryptocurrency investment advisor.

Anand says he has three clear goals right now —- “encourage more youth to step forward with entrepreneurship with new innovations, adoption of new innovations and technologies as per market needs, and serve rural market needs as per their requirement to grow with new technologies.”

HECOD India was not a major success for Anand by providing solutions to the healthcare market, he is going to use some new strategies to make it successful while working with the upcoming ventures “Utralized” & “HECOD Blockchain Inc.” both focused on blockchain technology adoptions with some upcoming plans to collaborate with existing blockchain companies. Having future plans to make HECOD Blockchain available to the North American market by 2022 end and 2023 Q1 will be launching in India, Singapore, and some regions of Europe (subject to approvals). Anand wants to make HECOD the largest codeless blockchain deployment solution in the industry by 2026. Serving small and medium-sized businesses is the main motive of HECOD by optimizing their annual technology spending and with no data security concerns.

Anand wants to serve startups and SMEs globally by helping them in the adoption of new technologies including blockchain technology at no cost.

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