16 Year Girl Becomes Coding Expert in the Lockdown Period

On 15th April, when the Education Minister announced that boards are cancelled, Shruti Bafna student of DAV Gopalapuram Chennai thought about what to do in the leave period. She had two options: she could sit and watch movies on the OTT platform like the others or learn something new as the world is moving towards digitally. She decided to learn different coding languages despite going into a commerce background. She first went through some YouTube videos and understood the importance of Coding that how it would play a vital role in her future. So, she her Elder Brother who himself has done Software Engineering from IIT Madras to teach her Coding languages. When she started learning as the subject was new in starting, she faced difficulties, but she kept practicing. According to her, “Nothing is Tough to Learn; It Just requires a little more Practice and Hard work.” Shruti says, “It is fun to learn Coding when you learn it with total concentration.”

She started with web designing that is HTML+CSS. She used to attend the class for 45 minutes but practiced it for 2-3 hrs. Until she became an expert in that topic. Shruti says Coding is fun as it allows you to implement your ideas on the actual screen. On the other hand, it also increases your thinking capability. It’s a good exercise for the brain as it requires high thinking skills and capabilities. When she used to talk to her friends, they used to talk about how they spent their vacation by playing games, watching movies, series on the OTT platform and doing time passes. Still, she used to talk about Coding, and they used to make fun of her, that instead of enjoying her vacation period, she was learning something new. But still, she didn’t leave the learning part and kept practicing. Once the learning part was over, she needed to test herself, so she started to participate in competitions recognized by various companies and colleges. In the very 1st competition, she secured a terrible rank with very few marks, and that continued till the next 5-6 competitions as Shruti says that doing it at home is entirely different from that of doing in the competitions, as the level of the difficulty in the questions used to be more. But after which, she had set her hand, and she exactly knew how to deal with the questions. Now what she does is when she gets the question, for the first 3-4 minutes she plans out the ideas that she needs to put in that question. So, her rank started improving, but the difference wasn’t much. It was her 11th competition in which she secured 1st rank, she says “that not getting a good rank was demotivating, but she thinks that it was difficult for a beginner to get a good rank and it wasn’t her cup of tea. “Instead of taking it in a negative sense, she took it positively and worked harder for it. 

Currently, she is working as an Intern in a Web development company. She works with them on weekends or whenever she is free, where her role is to design a prototype of websites. Shruti also secured 91.2% in her 10th grade. Other than Coding, and she loves to do painting and different types of art. She says, “When the lockdown started, all the outdoor activities were stopped, but students should use this time to learn new things instead of wasting their time. In starting it will be tedious and difficult but with time it becomes more accessible and exciting. “Now she says that as the school has started, she used to take some time out of her schedule and do Coding. Her father, a businessman, says that he is proud of her daughter and will always support her decision. Shruti’s mother, an accountant in the same company, says it is good to see her daughter learn new things.  

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