May 27, 2022

An optimistic mindset will always take us to great heights in our life. The contribution of women in our society is phenomenal and in recent times they have emerged breaking the conventions, as entrepreneurs, business leaders, national leaders, and much more.

They have proved that women are capable of succeeding independently without relying on others. Ms.Ezhil Thamaraiselvan is one such inspiration to all aspiring women entrepreneurs. She runs Viraja Fashionista, an online store for women’s clothing, named after her beloved daughter, Viraja.

How did it all get started?

“The best version of yourself comes out during the most difficult times of your life”.This saying is very much relatable to Ms. Ezhil. Being a single mother, she started Viraja Fashionista(3rd September,2016) to generate an additional income to finance her family’s needs. She was bold to start this business all by herself with a very minimal investment of Rs.5000.By doing so, she has proven that everyone can get into the journey of entrepreneurship irrespective of their background and get started without a bulk investment.

Extensive support from the family

As we all know sometimes our family members turn out to be our best friends. Ms.Ezhil is currently staying with her Mother, Mrs.Manvizhi(Father Mr.Thamaraiselvan expired on 2015)and her two brothers Mr.Kumanan and Mr.Valavan.The contribution and support she received from her family are highly remarkable as they always motivated her to rise higher in life. They also helped her whenever she needed their help in the business as well. She says that it would not be possible to run the business successfully without the support from her family members and wishes to dedicate her success to them.

The smart choice

Choosing the right business domain is very important for any entrepreneur to be successful and Ms.Ezhil understood this very clearly and made a thorough analysis before diving into the business right away.

She found out eCommerce was booming and had a great scope in the future and hence decided to set up an online store exclusively for women’s clothing.(Launched on February 9,2017)

Her prediction and business analysis were right as they have now emerged successful in generating monthly sales of more than 4 lakhs.

More about Ms.Ezhil Thamaraiselvan

Ms.Ezhil hails from the city of Salem in Tamil Nadu. She was very bold and strong right from her childhood. She believes a positive approach toward any problem in life, would work out wonders and the same has been proved in her life. Though she had several setbacks in her life, they never stopped her from succeeding. With her courage and optimism, she single-handedly tackled all her problems to lead a happy life.

The participation of women in entrepreneurship and business is very low and there are several reasons behind this. Among them, the two most important reasons are lack of self-confidence and social myths. Ms.Ezhil has broken these conventional beliefs by establishing a business and running it solely by herself. Now, her business generates enough revenue to meet her family’s needs and lead a successful life and her dream is fulfilled. She has further plans to scale up her business to all locations in Tamil Nadu by onboarding new customers and partnering directly with multiple weavers across the state. She is a real Singapen, who is an inspiration to all the aspiring women entrepreneurs.

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